Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sims 4, Get to Work preview event screenies!

Hey Simmers!

I was lucky enough to be invited up to EA in Amsterdam. Play some Sims, meet some old friends and make some new ones!
We got to take 10 screenies and I didn't take the best ones, but I should share none the less!

In my playtime I always look at all the new build/buy options first. Build has one new wall texture and if memory serves about 5 new floors. As I expected, these floors were very profession specific. In this case hospital floors.
There are a couple of new doors and windows. Again, pretty profession specific. You have fencing to make a real prison, hospital doors and apparatus. Also, there are a ton of new buy items!

Where this expansion really shines is the gameplay. There are literally a ton of new things to do. In a provided save game, I followed a budding police officer to the police station. I got on a case and was sent to a house to collect some evidence and samples. It was such fun! Time was getting shorter so I switched to the Science career Sim in hopes of reaching the Alien planet.

I didn't get there in time because I had a train to catch, but I already had so much fun with the Simray that can freeze other Sims and transform items. I did get an alien to cross through the Wormhole generator, even tried my freeze ray on the poor sod as you'll see on the screenies below.

The retail system is intensely reminiscent of open for business, and that to me is great! You gain perks and special skills. You can sell basically anything you find in the buy catalog and crafted things!

So yes, I look forward to it. Especially now I have started with Let's Plays. I think I'm going for a business first! No home businesses tho, so the lot remains a private lot or a business. You could place a bed in your store, but some interactions can only happen at home.
Without further do tho, here are the screenies. They speak for themselves!

Let's invent something!

Wormhole generator!

Let's not forget our Photographers!
Also, photographs transfer to the Gallery! That's good news in my opinion :D Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exploring new paths in the Digital Jungle.


I'd like to tell you guys about a new endeavor. I'm still going to keep doing all the things I do, only take on something new.
So inspired by my friend, and adopted internet daughter (don't ask ;) ) I started to stream on Twitch.
I love games, I love narrating what I play. Where the kids, husband and house plants used to be my only audience, I decided to expand a little. See where it takes me.

I'll be playing a lot of games and of course the Sims! Others will be Mass Effect, Hearthstone, Dragon Age, Knights of the Old Republic, Portal,  Armello and anything that piques my interest :D
At first I was very reluctant to do so, thinking it was somehow 'beyond' my generation.

So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just use that Twitch account I had made a while ago. It was originally created to chat in channels that I followed.

It has already proven to be quite an experience! Today I had my first Sims stream and there where twelve people watching! I know that this isn't much in Youtuber/Streamer terms, but for me it was colossal! Twelve people taking the time to watch me play and yap. I even had my first troll that I had to ban from my chat. That was less pleasant, but that's the Internet I guess?

If you want to see my foray into the world of Streaming, all my past broadcasts go to Youtube afterwards!

I'm going to try this on for size, so far, I like it! I'll have to see what the future brings :D